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Damana Insurance

Damana Insurance

Throughout our
50 year history

Financial stability, backed by excellent reinsurance securities and commitment to fair and prompt claims resolution has been the backbone of our success.

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Saicohealth - Damana Insurance

The medical division of DAMANA, offers unique benefits and world class customer service.

True one card solution for the region.
Full in-house operation including network, authorization, claims and customer service.

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People & learning systems are at the heart of our culture.

Our people are our most valuable assets. We operate a leading-edge training and professional development system to drive employee performance and ensure the attraction and retention of top talent.

Damana Insurance

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Keeping Medical Inflation at Bay

Understanding the components of medical inflation is key to better manage it and curb cost. Our General Manager, Georges Chidiac, explains how to tackle the upsurge in healthcare spending in the GCC. Read more here.

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Cover Story: The Crux of Combating COVID-19

Check out an interesting cover story about combating COVID-19. Our own Dr. Sarina Siyavudeen, assistant vice president of provider relations at SAICOHEALTH, sharing her insights.

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Development of the Health Insurance System in the UAE

Check out our General Manager, George Chidiac, talking about the development of the health insurance system in the UAE and how SAICOHEALTH is adapting.

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Rising to the Challenge

For organizations to thrive and optimize healthcare value; data standardization, Mergers & Acquisitions, transparency and cyber-security should be at the top of the agenda for all healthcare industry players.

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