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Initiative designed to improve quality of life for patients with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity

Dedicated programme is available to Damana SaicoHealth members in Dubai

Damana, a leading insurer in the GCC, and Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, one of the UAE’s leading healthcare providers, have joined forces to launch a life-changing Chronic Care Management Programme (CCM) for people with chronic conditions.

The progressive initiative has been designed specifically to assist patients with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity. With real-time support of a case manager, treating physician and monitoring tool, members are guided through healthier habits and ways to manage and slow down the progression of their condition.

The programme, which is open to Damana SaicoHealth members over the age of 30 with one of the four chronic conditions, aims to empower patients to better understand and manage their situation to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Georges Chidiac, the Executive Vice President & General Manager of Damana, said: “Raising awareness of the importance of preventative care is at the core of the work we do at Damana SaicoHealth and this partnership with Medcare underlines our commitment to offer unrivalled services to our members and the wider community. We are grateful to our partners Medcare for this programme, which will be a game-changer for so many people. We look forward to helping patients manage their conditions and living a healthier lifestyle.”

Andre Daoud, Group Chief Executive Officer, Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, said: “The launch of this programme with our healthcare partners ensures that our patients get the best, most up-to-date care and information that will allow them to better manage their health. Our aim is to encourage patients to use the CCM services which are designed to help them feel more in control of their health, more supported, and more motivated to care for themselves between consultations with their doctor. Thanks to Damana providing coverage for this programme we are able to reach a greater number of people with chronic conditions and provide the level of support they need and deserve.”

Limited spaces are available on the programme, which comprises a series of 11 sessions over the course of a year. Once eligibility criteria are met, each patient will get a dedicated case manager as their primary contact for their wellness journey and will have access to lifestyle coaching to set achievable wellness targets in real time.

Those enrolled in the programme can download an app to help manage their conditions. Additional benefits include discounted subscriptions to services such as meal plans, personal trainers, gyms, and yoga sessions, along with the option of a complimentary session with a psychologist.

To find out more on the programme and how to enroll, visit: https://www.medcare.ae/en/chronic-care-programme.html

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