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Damana takes healthcare journey to next level

Damana takes healthcare journey to next level

Damana, a leading insurer in the GCC, has launched dedicated online platforms and mobile application for its Saicohealth members and providers, which will streamline delivery of healthcare services and enhance the customer journey, opening real-time communication between members and Saicohealth team.  

The Saicohealth Members and Providers Portals, represent Damana’s two-pronged approach in creating a user-friendly digital interface. With the option to access them through a web browser or iOS and Android apps, the platforms have been designed with a focus on transparency and availability of information, and customer engagement.

“The launch of the portals reinforces our continued commitment to high-quality service and they will play a huge role in our drive to strengthen engagement and transparency between our stakeholders,” said Georges Chidiac, SVP, General Manager of Damana.  

In a bid to eliminate human error and improve efficiency in customer processes, the Members Portal, Saicohealth Connect, has been tailored to automate claims and approval requests, allowing members to submit and track their claims as well as view policy benefits and available hospitals and clinics included in the network.

In the first phase, the members mobile application, which provides users access to more than 3,500 providers across Saicohealth’s network, received an 89% user engagement rate.  

The Providers Portal will serve as a unified platform for communication across all key stakeholders, with the capacity to verify members’ eligibility for treatment, track current claims and facilitate report generation.  

“Additionally, Saicohealth Connect has been designed to support future enablement of smart wearables and internet of things for an engaging healthcare gamification experience.”  

Both portals have been rolled out as part of an overarching digitalisation strategy laid out by Damana to increase operational and service delivery.  

“The foundation of success in insurance is based on trust. Trust in our ability to provide a widespread comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics as well as market leading value propositions. In today’s always-online culture, having an expansive digitalization strategy and developing these platforms will be the fulcrum to building and maintaining that trust,” added Chidiac.

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